Friday, September 26, 2008


I have been working out for nearly three years, and I have always been interested in competing in bodybuilding contest. Heinz Senior had just moved to my city of Beaumont, Texas. When I saw a poster that an IFBB pro would be working at our gym, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity for me to realize my goal.
When I first had a consultation with Heinz, I immediately was pleased with how friendly and helpful he was. We discussed plans, and he offered phenomenal prices. Once we decided on a plan, it was time to take action. Heinz’s training was unbelievable but what really stood out was his ability to keep me intensely motivated through the entire 12 week process. Rep after rep he would keep me going and keep me positive. The experience is something I will never forget, and I will use what I have learned from Heinz throughout the rest of my bodybuilding career.
Heinz also configured my preconcert diet for 12 weeks. If part of the diet somehow wouldn’t get great results, Heinz would take the time to switch it up a little bit to always have me moving forward. I started out at a smooth and chubby 22% body fat at 177 lbs.

By the end of the 11th week, I was at 155 with about 8% body fat looking extremely ripped and lean. Heinz had got me looking like a walking anatomy chart and the diet was not tough at all! I actually enjoyed it the entire time! Heinz covered everything! He put together my diet, training, and cardio workouts. He even helped with bodybuilding must such as posing and applying Pro Tan. Everything in the plan was detailed down to 5 minutes before the show!
I will be competing in the Alamo Classic 08 in San Antonio next weekend. I know with the help I have received from Heinz that I will have the confidence to carry me to the winner’s circle and the preparation and physique to back it up. Heinz is, without a doubt, the best personal trainer I have ever met! He is also an incredible individual and very friendly. I would recommend anyone to him that wants to compete in bodybuilding contest or just to get in shape. Bottom line, Heinz has gotten me where I need to be to reach my goals and with much better conditioning and preparation than I could have achieved by myself. Wish me luck!

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