Sunday, October 12, 2008


Marcos Vizcaino is my best friend and one of my best athletes since 1996. He is a hard worker, an amaizing person and family man, and when it comes to the gym and fallow my instructions, he is a soldier.

He already won almost all the shows he has compited in his long carear and as a Master competitor with 45 years old he stils taking young peoples places even in internationals shows, getting 3rd place out off 15 guys in the open class. He took the Masters heavy weight class at the Southern States in Fl as well.

He started his preparation for his first show at 231 pounds and 24% of body fat and after 5 months of dedication he compited in his first show of the year in May with 185 pounds and 4% of body fat, and hi finished the same year taking the Southern States in Florida with 190 pounds and 3.7% of body fat.....Amaizing!!!

Who says age is a problem???? ask Marcos. He stills training as hard as posible and making some good improvements to come back to the big stage.

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